Client Testimonials


I have so much gratitude for my clients. If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work with me, read on to hear directly from them.

california State Licensed Massage Therapist

"I first met Alison when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and experiencing quite a bit of back and leg pain. Having been a massage junkie my whole adult life, I am very picky about massage therapists, and let me tell you, she is the BEST I've ever encountered. Almost 4 years later I am still going to see her a few times a month because I can't give up the quality of life she brings me. She's a bodywork genius, and I do not use that term lightly. She's incredibly intuitive and knows exactly what I need and delivers. It's just the right amount of pressure and her knowledge of various modalities ensure that she tailors each massage perfectly for my needs. Cannot recommend her highly enough!!!! She will change your life."

Siri K.

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"Alison is a gifted, infinitely knowledgeable healer. With her wide range of certifications, she draws upon expertise ranging from sports medicine to maternity care. On top of being the smartest in the field, she is also the funniest and is super down to earth and rad. I shy away from the words "healing" and "holistic" when I read them because I don't feel comfortable with a certain style of culture that uses those terms flippantly, but I don't bat an eyelash using them when describing Alison's work because it feels like a fact-based practice. She heals. I have highly recommended her services to all of my friends especially pregnant women. After seeing Alison I always feel like I have a new lease on life."

   CC C.

Massage for anxiety

"Alison is a game changer!!  I have been consistently working with her for about a year and a half now, after receiving a gift for her services from a girlfriend.  At the time I had been building a very demanding business as well as being a mom and wife. I was on the edge of burn out with zero energy, drive or an inner short, I didn't recognize who I was anymore. At first,  I didn't quite know what to expect and thought I was just going to get a massage but Alison's offerings go much deeper than that if needed. Alison is not only technically gifted but her emotional and spiritual guidance has helped me (and continues to) get through very major shifts in my life. She has helped me manage my stress and general life challenges through bodywork, nutrition, and spiritual mentorship and has allowed me to get in touch with a fuller & more authentic self. Alison is a rare & beautiful gift who truly cares about her clients' well-being. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Tatum K.

Bodywork for pregnancy

"Alison is a healer. There is no other way to state it. She has helped me heal from injury, curtail pain that was getting worse, and deeply, deeply relax. I am a former licensed massage therapist who is very particular about massage. Most massage therapists are not consistent enough with their touch, for repeat visits (just my opinion, obviously.) Alison blows me away with her intuitive touch, and her extensive knowledge of several modalities, and her decades of experience. She truly is the best bodyworker I've ever had the privilege of going to. Go see her, and you'll be forever grateful!"

Raquel L.

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"Alison's genius is that her multi-disciplinary training and long experience are coupled with an intuitive understanding of how injuries "settle in" to alter your movement and restrict your mobility without you even acknowledging it consciously.  You may go to her because your back is stiff or your neck hurts when you turn your head, but one session with her will convince you that the solution isn't just "petting" the sore spot--any massage therapist can do that. I've had back issues for years, despite being athletic and active, and it wasn't until I got to middle age that I understood that old pain/injury was slowly turning me into a slow, cautious oldster.  Alison's evaluation is simple and direct, and she will propose a treatment plan that actually works; she withstood my skeptical cross-exam (I'm a lawyer), and she suggested alternatives as the treatment progressed. I thought I'd have to deal with mobility restriction for the rest of my life. I was wrong. She's bright and inquisitive, and quietly explores with you the interaction of movement/pain issues with life issues (for me: tough job, menopause, midlife existentialist dread, etc); her therapeutic touch and quiet understanding is truly her gift.  She respects your limitations and welcomes your input, and most important, she listens to what you say and what your body says (sometimes, not the same thing). I'm a dedicated Alison fan, and you should be, too."

Ellen B.

Wellness consultant near me

"Alison is an amazing massage therapist, she truly has magical hands!  Alison has been working on my problematic back for several years, and her treatments never fail to bring deep and profound relief.  She is highly empathic, with an incredible intuition that enables her to know where the pain is even before words can be exchanged! Alison also has a range of modalities that can be included in the healing process which greatly expand the range of options and pathways to healing.  I'd be hard-pressed to imagine anyone coming off of the table after a session with Alison, and not re-booking immediately! She is truly one of a kind, and certainly one of LA's premier massage therapists/bodyworkers!"

Bob F.

Massage for pain

I've had problems with my back all of my life.  But having regular therapy sessions with Alison has helped to keep the flare-ups few and far between.  She always seems to know where the problem areas are, and exactly how much pressure to apply. With her help, I've been able to keep jogging as my main form of exercise, which I really enjoy.  When I have occasional problems with my ankles or knees, she can usually get me back on track within a few days. She's definitely the best massage therapist I've ever had."

Matt B.


Massage for addiction

"I can't recommend Alison enough.  I have chronic neck pain with radiating shoulder, wrist, and hand pain; with a job that requires me to sit at a desk/computer all day.  Over the last two years, Alison has helped me through times of acute pain (which come less and less often now) as well as through times of simple physical and emotional exhaustion.  She always seems to just "know" what you need and you always feel better after a session. She really cares about her clients and loves what she does, and it truly comes out in her work."

Leslie B.




I am fortunate to work among my esteemed colleagues. To learn more about what professionals in the field value in my work, read on here.


"Alison Savior's knowledge, intuition, and skill in the field of bodywork and massage is unsurpassed."

Larry Payne, Ph.D.

Co-author of Yoga for Dummies, Yoga Rx and Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine,
Founder, Samata International Yoga and Health Institute

Massage for stress

"Alison has experienced, skillful, healing, magical hands.  She can affect profound physical changes because she is a master of structural mechanics and thoroughly understands the mind-body connection.  As a midwife, I have been referring my patients to her for many years and have witnessed first hand her ability to awaken, align and attune the body.  As one of her clients, I can attest to her comprehensive, individualized approach and the wide range of techniques she has at her disposal. Her hands explore, listen, respond to and guide the musculoskeletal system in deep and transformative ways.  Her work goes deep below the surface and can begin to free the blocks that bind the body thereby allowing an organic healing from within. I highly recommend Alison and encourage all who can to experience her unparalleled talent."

Seannie Gibson

Seannie Gibson is aCertified Professional Midwife offering homebirth midwifery services, with a deep and abiding belief in both the ability and the right of women to give birth naturally and safely at home.


Westlake Village

"Alison is an incredibly gifted and intuitive bodyworker.  A session with her is deeply healing and transformative. I love sending my pregnant and postpartum clients to Alison - she works wonders and seems to know instinctually just what is needed.   I've worked with many people over the years but she has a very special gift and it is something that cannot be taught, it comes from intuition and a profound sense of compassion. There really is no one quite like her and I can't recommend her highly enough."

   Nancy Beyda

Nancy Beyda is a Licensed Midwife whose experience includes many years working as a doula, childbirth educator and prenatal yoga teacher.


advanced therapeutic bodyworker

"Alison Savior is one of the most profound healers/bodyworkers in Los Angeles. Not only does she specialize in pregnancy and postpartum bodywork but she is renowned for her work with athletes and injury rehabilitation. I have had whole mind, body and spiritually healing experiences under her care and I continue to work with her now. Call her. Trust me, you need her!"

   Reverend Haize Hawke Rosen

Haize Hawke is a Certified Doula, Student Midwife, Life Coach, Mentor and Community Leader.


Massage therapy near me

"From the time I first met Alison Savior she was what you call “Gifted”.  Throughout her entire life, she has expressed a profound commitment to studying the human condition and the “Natural Healing Arts".  After four decades of sincere devotion toward helping others, she has accumulated wisdom & remarkable technical abilities in the field of bodywork and mind-body technology.  As a result, she has now distilled an approach that I HIGHLY recommend to individuals who are in need and looking for a natural, non-invasive approach toward health, healing, restoration & resolution."

   Dr. James B. Hopkins


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"I have had the good fortune to experience Alison's expert therapeutic skills for over thirty years.  Alison is the most knowledgeable and mindful practitioner I've ever experienced, offering immediate and long-term freedom from limitation, pain, imbalance, and stiffness anytime I had discomfort or an injury.  Alison has provided the best physical treatments and body-mind balancing with greatest personalized care, of my life. In referring her to my clients as a premier bodyworker I’ve consistently found Alison to be sincere, authentic, reliable, loyal, and intelligent, with an always-advancing knowledge of skills and techniques, in a continuous effort to provide optimal care. Her sessions bring lasting restorative relief, recovery and healing balance to the body, mind, and emotions.  Her deep understanding and ability to listen to the body's requirements are clear in every moment, word and movement of her hands in their profoundly healing touch.

Alison is a blessing to discover and a gift to experience; the gift everyone deserves to give themselves and all loved ones.  Alison is the ultimate professional expert with the hands and care of a truly gifted healer."

       Susan Haffey, Master Herbalist