Embrace and Reclaim the Totality of You.

Embrace and Reclaim the Totality of You.

Therapeutic Bodywork and Wellness Consulting To Help You Live a More Balanced, Healthier, and Empowered Life


Therapeutic Bodywork and Wellness Consulting  To Help You Live a More Balance, Healthier, and Empowered Life

What chronic challenges are holding you back from truly living a more empowered, balanced, and healthier life?

Pain? Stress and Anxiety? Addictive Behaviors? Debilitating Mood Swings? Pre/Postnatal Issues? healthy lifestyle solutions? recovery support?


You deserve to live beyond the confines of chronic negative patterns and challenges. I like to say that, in order to fully overcome our personal obstacles, you have to go to it to move through it.  But you don’t have to do this work alone; I’ll act as your guide on your journey to live in balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Together, working with advanced therapeutic bodywork and collaborative body/mind consulting, we’ll develop a tailored wellness program for you to support your body, mind, and spirit. With my encouragement and expert guidance, you’ll learn to finally shed the burden of unhelpful, old habits, and negative pain patterns. You’ll develop tools to help you break free from the grip of chronic physical pain and emotional challenges so that you can connect with your own inner wisdom and profoundly transform your life.


What does it mean to transform?

Transform your wellness.
Living a transformed life is living free from the weight of pain and hardship.

Living a transformed life is living free from the weight of pain and hardship.

 This is not to say that a transformed life doesn’t include pain and hardship, however, it means that the transformed individual has the capacity and capability to take better care when challenges arise. Transformational Wellness provides a supportive foundation to help people grow beyond chronic limitations so that challenges like emotional and physical pain or discomfort don’t inhibit progress and personal development.

I’ll help you rediscover your connection to your true self, and reclaim your natural gifts and personal power. We’ll work together to make changes in your life that support you to live a more peaceful, joyous, loving, and healthy life. You’ll stop feeling stuck in a negative loop of pain. You will feel more capable and courageous to confront and move beyond challenges.

You will transform. 


The Alchemy of a Life Well-Lived


Transformational Wellness supports women and men in need of a change. I’m most equipped to provide services to:

People who feel over-extended, anxious, and stressed
Individuals living with chronic pain or illness
Pre and Post-Partum Women
Pre and Perimenopausal Women
Women 55+
Individuals dealing with addiction or addictive behaviors and or recovery


Deep healing is a very personal and profound experience. If you are curious if you can benefit from my services, let’s have a conversation. We can connect for a free 15-minute consultation where I can learn more about your particular needs, and I can let you know if I have the tools to help you.

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