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Embrace your inner power to live well.  

Hello, I’m Alison Savior, founder of Transformational Wellness. I’m an advanced bodyworker and wellness consultant with over 35 years of professional experience, working directly with people of all ages to live in balance of their body, mind, and spirit. I am an adventurous stellium Capricorn, finding solace and fulfillment when I connect in nature. I advocate passionately for many environmental, children's, and women's causes. When I’m not supporting my clients, my husband and I enjoy spending time exploring nature's bounties everywhere.

I’m deeply devoted to this work and my clients. My extensive professional experience and education are supplemented by my own personal experience living and working with emotional and physical pain and trauma. I know, first-hand, that chronic pain and emotional turmoil are incapacitating, and can impede growth and personal evolution.

My personal journey of walking through my fears and working through my pain has allowed me to successfully guide others to walk through their fears and pain. I’ve reached deep into my heart and soul to find, speak, and live my truth.

And that’s what I hope for you, too. I know it’s possible for you to unravel your inner entanglements and embrace and encompass the parts of yourself that you’ve hidden or ignored. This place that holds the parts of ourselves, and the challenges that arise from them, that’s where we can find the power and the ability to reclaim our lives and take responsibility for our own well-being.

This is a process that requires a deep commitment and a willingness to do the work to move beyond the hardship.

I’m here to help support you along this journey; when we work together, I mindfully guide you to find your own way so that you can start to reclaim different parts of yourself that may have been lost in trauma, pain, transition or recovery.

What I hope for you is that, by doing this work together, you will feel deeply connected, relieved, and motivated to go forward in life. You'll feel genuinely hopeful and uplifted, knowing that changes you want to make are possible; you’ll see that possibility opens up all of life's richest and most rewarding opportunities.

I’d love to join you on your journey to wellness.


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California State Licensed Massage Therapist, C.M.P.  license # 13001


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